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You can order your Fresh Turkey, Roast, or Bone-in Breast for pick up at our retail store in Talbotville or at The Brantford Farmers' Market from December 18-31, 2019.  For other pick up dates, please call us at 519-633-0527 to determine availability.

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Bone In Breast (2-6 lbs)

The wings, legs, and half of the back have been removed from the turkey, leaving just the bone in breast with a cavity for stuffing. The rule of thumb is 3/4 lbs per person. 2-3 lb half bone in breasts are also available. 

$ 5.89/lb

Fresh or thawed: Preheat oven to 325F. Place in roasting pan with a small amount of water, butter, or margarine.  Season and cover loosely with tin foil. Insert pop-up timer. Cook for approximately 1.5 hours per kilogram (1-2 kg) or 1 hour per kilogram (3-4 kg). Minimum internal temperature should be 170F.